Kolyma Network Anti-Spam Database

This service is for the following:

  • Finding and catalogging IP adresses which are used to spam bulletin boards.
  • Publicly listing said IP adresses so they they may be easily blocked.

This service is provided for free and is maintained by 9CGMOD, a branch of the 9chan Central Group, which handles content management.

I am Blocked, But I Dont Spam!

Accidentally in one of our lists? Please email [email protected] with your IP and we will look into the matter.

Cooperation with 9CGSEC to Capture Cybercriminals

This database works closely with Security Operatives from the 9chan Central Group Security and its subdivisions to ensure that our sites and sites that ask for our protection stay safe.

This database will also cooperate with Government Authorities to capture and arrest cybercriminals.

Got a tip on a wanted person? Email [email protected]

Submit IP adresses or Criminal Organizations

To submit an IP adress to the database, please use the form below, select the category the IP belongs to, and then submit. The submission will have to be verified by an agent of the Kolyma Network, and once they are verified they are cemented into the database.


  • CP_IP - IP adresses known for uploading, linking to, or otherwise dealing with Child Pornography
  • ADV_TXT- List of commonly used catchprases, websites, etc to block
  • ADV_IMG - Commonly spammed advertisement images
  • ADV_IP - IP adresses known for creating advertisements
  • MISC_IP - IP adresses that spam (neither advertisements or cp)
  • PROXY_IP - Proxy IP adresses

Example Usage

To return all ip adresses that spam advertisements, go to - and a php filter can be used to check against the users ip adress. Updates for vichan, lynxchan, and other popular imageboard softwares will be put out soon to add compatibility.

$proxies = file_get_contents("");
foreach ($proxies as $pattern) {
  if (preg_match("/$pattern/", )
   || preg_match("/$pattern/", )) {
    error('ERROR: IP address listed on!');


Misusing or abusing this service will have your IP adress added to this database, and all submissions removed.

A note to imageboard owners

You can request an API key at [email protected] - to bypass captcha, easily access databases, etc - if your interested, please email that account with your imageboard details. This process is manual, expect a reply window of 48 hours. Thank you for your cooperation!


If you have been unfairly added to this database, you may email [email protected] with your IP and request a removal. In addition, being banned on a Kolyma Network owned website does not necessarily mean you will end up hear, unless you have spammed, flooded, or conducted other malicious activity.

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Spam Form

Read more about how KolymaNET fights spam.

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